When I first started this blog I intended it for it to be a space for our family to share stories and ideas. I hoped that when the reader left, he or she would know what it’s like to spend a day with the Bolte’s. I had visions of those well-crafted mom blogs with artsy themes and sponsorships that equate to free coffee. While I still don’t have the perfect living room (hello baby toys!) or know how to create a dinner that is both delicious and visually appealing, I do share what life with the Bolte’s looks like.

Our family is made up of one incredible husband and father who works three different jobs to bring his family home the bacon. One wife and stay-at-home momma who attends graduate school courses in the evening and takes on every just about every side-hustle that comes her way. Oh, and we have a cute little six-month old baby that experts say will cost us upwards of $250,000 to raise.

All those little components combined, and I think I can say I finally feel like an expert in one thing and it’s something I’m excited to share with you all!

Money Saving Mondays is a new series coming to the blog. Each Monday (obviously) I’ll share with you a thrifty money saving tip. These posts will be perfect for recent graduates with mountains of student debt (we’ve been there), students working hard to make some money and still get good grades (I’m still there), families trying to stick to a budget, or any reader who’s looking for a creative way to save a little bit more money each month. It’s my hope that they’ll challenge you and me both to be wiser with the financial blessings we’ve been given so that we can give more, save more, and live more.

See you all next Monday!


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