1. Hello from beautiful Colorado! We’re out visiting Ryan’s parents this week and loving that Lincoln’s getting some time with his Nana and Papa!
  2. I wrapped up classes for the summer last week and now that I have some time I have a million (or five) posts that I want to sit down and write. Stay tuned for some updates from the Bolte’s the next few weeks.
  3. If you like to spend your rainy days reading lots of blogs. Erin rounded up a list of her favorites (and I enjoyed them all too).
  4. Eight hundred dollar Birkenstocks. You read that right folks. Now you’ve seen it all.
  5. Last year we ditched our super old 8-cup coffee maker for a pour over, and then last week we inherited a 12-cup coffee maker from my aunt. I’m loving it. There’s just something about sharing a pot of coffee with those that you love in the morning.
  6. I love this post from Grace about learning what it means to be a child of God from her 9 month old daughter. Lincoln isn’t walking yet, but I can totally relate! 

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