Two-Year Anniversary

Today is our second anniversary. Within the last year, there have been more changes than we could have imagined. We left our first apartment in Mankato and moved to the cities. Katelyn began graduate school and Ryan worked crazy hours to support our family. Lincoln arrived in February and made our family feel even more complete. Today we wanted to share a little glimpse of our life with you by sharing some anniversary themed questions we answered separately.

What have you learned in two years?

R: I’ve learned to put my ego aside and do things for the betterment of us as a unit. I’ve also learned that nobody is perfect, not me, not Katelyn, not anyone, and that forgiveness is crucial.

K: We have to take the time to communicate. This year we started doing check-in’s on Sundays, or at the beginning of the week if it didn’t happen on Sunday. Every long, dreaded conversation we have had has paid off in the long run. 

Things the other person can’t live without?

R: Katelyn couldn’t have lived without pickles or ice cream this past year (not together, she just craves them separately quite often). Also coffee. 

K: Me. Also his pillow and a coffee.

Any favorite traditions?

R: No traditions come to mind immediately, but I am looking forward to establishing some, especially now that there are three of us!

K: Valentine’s Day “homemade” Pizza. We’ve been doing this since we began dating. Valentine’s Day 2017 involved a crying two-week old, a husband running off to soccer practice, and an Aldi’s take and bake, but we still made it happen. 

What’s the best dish the other person makes?

R: Katelyn recently started making a chicken and biscuit hotdish. I really like biscuits and hotdishes, so having the two combined rocks my world! 

K: Ryan makes thee best hamburgers. The fact that I hate touching raw hamburger meat and refuse to use the grill makes them even better when he offers to make them. 

What about marriage were you not expecting?

R: Time has flown by so fast. 

K: I really thought that we would be a bit more settled two years into our marriage. I am so, so content with where we are at this phase of our life and am embracing all of it. 

Something you don’t see eye to eye on?

R: The amount of sugar that I should put in my coffee in the morning. 

K: I am a night showerer and like to go to bed clean so that our sheets stay as fresh as possible. Ryan is a morning showerer and hates showering at night. I’m not a fan of half our bed “getting dirty” from daily germs. It’s a nightly struggle. 


Favorite thing about being married?

R: Having the opportunity to be with my best friend every day. 

K: We get to end every night together and this past year we were lucky to have so many slow mornings together at home too. 

What’s the other’s biggest accomplishment for the year?

R: Obviously carrying and birthing our first child has to take the cake this year. Katelyn also managed to finish one semester of grad school before having Lincoln and has now started taking classes again. Seriously, she’s an incredible wife and mom!

K: Changing Lincoln’s very first diaper (which was a mega fear fo Ryan’s before Lincoln’s arrival). But seriously, Ryan has transitioned so seamlessly into being a dad. He’s a rockstar and it melts my heart to see how much Lincoln loves him. 

Best little thing the other one does frequently?

R: Wow, this one is hard to choose… Katelyn does so many “little things” all day when she’s at home with Lincoln. If I had to pick one, I would probably say that she makes the bed. I have never been a bed maker, but I actually find it very nice to crawl into a made bed each night.

K: As a nursing mom I’m downing water all day long. Ryan’s so awesome about making sure that I have a bottle by me each night. If I ask him to bring me my water bottle throughout the day, it’s always a full one (even if it was half empty to begin with). 

Favorite way to spend time together, just the two of you?

R: We don’t seem to have much time at home together just the two of us these days, so I would say just being at home with some popcorn and time to watch something good on the TV.

K: Every night (or almost every night) we have a bowl of popcorn. Sometimes we just catch up, sometimes we read, sometimes we watch TV. Ending our day together, just the two of us, is the best! 

Favorite moment from two years ago today?

R: French Fry Bar, duh! But actually, I really enjoyed our time alone in the car (Katelyn’s uncle Jason drove us) on the way to the reception and our time alone in the entryway to our reception site before we entered.

K: I vividly remember running across the parking lot of our church to the site where we were doing our first look. I was a total bundle of anxious energy and excitement. Getting ready that morning was so fun, but felt like an entire day in itself. Getting to see my groom, knowing that I would literally get to spend every second of the rest of the day with him was such a sweet and exciting moment!




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