Thursday Things 6.29

  1. Currently counting down the hours and minutes until it’s Fourth of July/our Anniversary weekend.
  2. In case you’re wondering it’s 32 hours and 48 minutes until the hubby returns home from soccer practice and the baby is down and we can celebrate a free weekend with ice cream on the couch in our pajamas.
  3. I wrote about discovering podcasts last week. So I wanted to share the show notes from my favorite podcast episode to date Intentional Motherhood Starts at Day One.
  4. I also discovered audiobooks during our screen free month. Ninety percent of the time I feel super lazy sitting down to listen to a book, but it’s so relaxing to close my eyes and just listen.
  5. Nine ways to bounce back from a bad night’s sleep. This is basically how I’ve been surviving the past 5 months.
  6. Reaching for my coffee mug and finding it empty is consistently the most disappointing thing of my morning. Who else is with me?
  7. Instagram story hacks. Enough said.
  8. What are your plans for this weekend!? We have literally nothing to do (with soccer and traveling this never happens.) So share your best summer weekend ideas in the comments below!

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