Lincoln 4-month check in


Our little guy has been a distracted little eater as of late. The world is one exciting place and deciding whether to eat or learn about the new noises and sights around him is a daily struggle. Lincoln also found his hands and loves to eat (or try to eat) these too!


Right around 3 months, Lincoln started sleeping for very long stretches at night. We’re talking 7-9 hours. We had a good two weeks of this before we slowly started to drop back to shorter stretches of sleep at night. I’m guessing this was directly correlated to his distracted daytime eating, but it could have to do with him starting to shift into longer sleep cycles. The four-month sleep regression is real. Lincoln’s been slow to gain weight, so typically when he wakes up at night I feed him because he SHOULD eat, even if taking his NUK would put him back to sleep.

Lincoln wakes up every day between 6:30 and 7:30 and typically falls asleep for the night between 6:30 and 8:30. He goes down fairly easy for us most of the time. This took some time and effort, but we’re so thankful that he’s been an easy and versatile sleeper for us. Lincoln’s starting to figure out a sleep routine throughout the day and napping pretty consistently every 60-90 minutes.


  • Rolling to one side (Lincoln has rolled from belly to back a handful of times, the first one right after turning 4 months)
  • Blowing drooly bubbles and playing with his hands
  • Sitting in the BUMBO while Mom & Dad eat dinner
  • Talking to Dad when he gets home from work
  • Studying anything and everything that produces noises
  • Talking to hands (we’re not sure why, but if we dangle our hands in front of his face he’ll have a conversation with them, not us)


  • When Mom sneezes (he gets the cutest little, scared face)
  • Eating when he’s really, really hungry
  • Being alone. Lincoln loves company and often will cry out if he can’t hear us or see us. He doesn’t need us to talk to him or touch him, he just likes to know we’re near. It’s pretty sweet. 


  • HALO Sleepsack: These our Lincoln’s pajamas. They’re awesome because he can remain swaddled and still have his hands right up by his face to self-soothe.
  • Amber Teething Necklace: When Lincoln started teething right around 3 months, this was a suggested by from a few of my mom friends. This thing is so cool! Linc wears it every day, it’s cute, and I’m 90% sure it helps.
  • A hand me down rattle teething toy from my cousin. Fingers crossed we don’t lose this one because Lincoln LOVES it.
  • Owlet Sleep Sock. I cried on Mother’s Day morning when Lincoln had a blowout diaper and his Owlet sock accidentally went through the wash with the dirty laundry. We restlessly slept for a week until the awesome customer service reps at Owlet helped us out. This little thing gives us so much ease of mind, especially as our little babe is starting to roll over on his own.


With longer and longer stretches of sleep at night, Ryan and I are starting to feel more human again. We love watching Lincoln’s little personality develop. He’s a pretty social baby and will smile at just about anyone. We heard his first real giggle at 4.5 months and it melted our hearts! How can you not laugh when you hear a baby laugh? Answer: you can’t.

We just spent a week in St. Lucia for my sister’s wedding and Lincoln handled the plane rides, heat, and abnormal sleeping arrangements like a champ! We let him go in the swimming pool once and took him to the beach one day too. Ryan and I were very excited to bring him out into the water, but Lincoln was totally indifferent about the entire water experience.



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