A Recap of Our Screen-free Month

The Botle's take on a-3

Hello, friends! I’m back from our screen-free month that more or less turned into a summer break from the blog. I figured my first post back should be a follow up on the challenge I left you with. So here’s a little recap of our screen free month.

We began our challenge began May 17th and technically ended on June 17th; however, we started incorporating some screen time back in around the 10th of June. You can read the rules once again below and then a few Q&A’s with Ryan and I about our thoughts on our month.

  1. No Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
  2. No TV. 
  3. No time-consuming iPhone apps.
  4. No blog reading or sport’s news reading online.
  5. Emailing or texting for work or for connecting with family is okay. 
  6. Skyping family is allowed. 
  7. Blogging and time on the internet for work must be done in carved out time. 


Okay, so what made you end your month early?

I ended the month early because I wanted to watch the UEFA Champion’s League Final (for those of you who don’t know, like me, this only happens once a year, kind of like the Superbowl of club soccer). And that just started the spiral.

The day that Ryan watched his soccer game, I justified checking out Instagram. The next day, I peaked on Facebook. The next day we decided to watch a movie for a date night. That’s how little things started popping back in. 

What was the most challenging part of your screen free month? 

Not watching soccer.

The first few days were the most challenging for me. I had SO MUCH TIME. The very end was the very challenging too, I felt like I had “learned my lesson” about how much time I had been wasting and was anxious to start communicating with friends over social media again. 

So what did you do with all your extra time? 

I read an entire book by Erik Larson and then I started two more of his. I read some soccer journals instead of searching online for coaching ideas. I also talked with friends and family in person more.

In the first week, I read an entire book, I believe Ryan did too. When Lincoln was playing I engaged with him more thoroughly, instead of browsing through Facebook or emails or text messages. I also discovered Podcasts and listened to those while nursing Linc. 

Were there any modifications you wish you could have made? 


We did modify our month a little bit. Ryan and I agreed he could watch a soccer game on TV. There are two or three friends that I primarily communicate with over Snapchat and Facebook, so I actually missed knowing what was going on in their lives throughout the month, so perhaps a little allowance for using those methods would have been nice too. 

What did you enjoy the most? 

I enjoyed reading the most. Picking a book and sitting down with it is the hardest part, now that I started I can’t stop.

All the quality time we had. Nearly every day of this challenge I had a quality devotion in the morning. When I wasn’t distracted by social media in the morning, I was able to focus on God and not make the “I’ll do it later excuse”. The first weekend of our challenge Ryan and I attended a soccer game as a date. If we hadn’t been doing this challenge he probably would have watched on the couch at home, while I read blogs. Attending the game in person was exciting and a fun date night! Before this challenge, watching a TV show or a movie together would have been nothing special, but when we carefully selected a movie to watch for a date night at the end of our challenge, it truly felt like a date night. 

I also discovered Podcasts, as I mentioned above. I love them! I follow a few now and listen to them on my drives to and from school. 

Will you do it again? 

Maybe. It was a good idea and I like that I started reading books again, but I do enjoy reading on my phone and missed being able to look things up on my iPhone whenever I wanted to.

Totally. If I think it’s necessary I’ll unplug the TV and hit the delete button on all the distracting apps on my phone again. 


I have lots of exciting content to share the next week or so, a 4-month old update for Lincoln, a recap of our family vacation, and an update on how this mama is handling returning to school. As always, thanks for reading!



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