For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving a disconnect from social media and at the same time getting sucked, more easily, into its vices. After a long talk with the hubs last weekend, Ryan and I have decided to take a screen free month. Wait a minute, are you all wondering how I’m writing this? Okay, it’s a modified screen free month – rules outlined below:

  1. No Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.
  2. No TV. 
  3. No time-consuming iPhone apps. (Games, news sites, etc. – in short, if we have to stare at it for more than 10 seconds to use it, it’s off the phone.)
  4. No blog reading or sport’s news reading online. This will be traded for real live Newspapers or books.
  5. Emailing or texting for work or for connecting with family is okay; however, if the message can be communicated with a phone call this method is preferred.
  6. Skyping family is allowed (my sister lives out of the country, so this is our only method of communication with her).
  7. Blogging and time on the internet for work must be done in carved out time. I’ll be documenting portions of our screen free month on the blog. Ryan uses the internet to create practice plans for his soccer teams. We’re not going totally off the grid; however, when we sit down to work – we’ll work with 100 percent focus so we can get back to family time as soon as possible.

Our challenge began May 17th. Want to hop in and join us? Maybe get together for a game night? Create a book club? Let us know! We’d love the extra support.

To document our journey, Ryan and I answered the questions below at the end of day one.

What will be the most challenging? 

To not be on my phone. I deleted Facebook, Snapchat, ESPN, and all the other apps that I used a lot to make it less of a temptation.

Ditto. For me, Instagram especially. I pull this app up on my phone countless times a day. I love to share photos with followers and take a peek at my friends’ lives, but I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through this or pulling the app up when I could be connecting with others. 

What’s your “why”?

To make my wife happy (she asked me to do this). Also for Lincoln, which I’m sure Katelyn will tell you about.

Ryan’s right. I’m doing this for our family. I want Lincoln to grow up in an environment where he knows he’s more important than our cell phones and that connecting with those you love in person trumps connecting with millions of followers on the internet. We already make an effort to not watch TV while Lincoln’s awake (You can read more about our reason for doing this here), but thought that even more screen limitation for everyone might be a healthy challenge for our family. 

What’re you hoping to get out of this? 

I used to enjoy reading for fun, but haven’t done this in years. I’m hoping to develop a greater interest in reading. I want to be more present with my family and with the world in general.

I’m hoping to connect more with Ryan and witness a lot more of Lincoln’s little moments. I’ve also been wanting to spend more time in God’s Word, so I’m hoping that I am able to do this with less worldly distractions in my life. Finally with summer quickly approaching, I’m hoping to trade our nightly Netflix shows for walks outside with the family. 

Day one Takeaways: 

This is hard. I’ve found myself many times wanting to go on my phone, then I remember that there’s nothing exciting on there to look at. I have been enjoying reading this evening though.

Haha, before I asked Ryan these questions he said, “make it snappy, I want to read!” Have I ever heard these words come out of his mouth?? He’s also checked the weather a lot on his phone today, so I’m thinking that desire to be on his iPhone is still there – maybe a genuine interest in the rain or maybe the desire to be on our iPhones are still there. I struggled filling my time while nursing Lincoln, and found myself picking up my phone only to set it back down again a lot. 

So where is Thursday Things? Typically I share a handful of my favorite links from across the web on Thursdays and a bit of an update on our life. Obviously this Thursday I will not have any favorite links to share, so today this is “our thing”.

Want to join us? What’s your “why”? Let me know in the comments below!


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