nine essential oils-4

  1. You will count in weeks/months. Ryan and I used to get a kick out of parents who would tell us, “She is 7 weeks” or “He is 19 months.” Now that we’re parents ourselves, we totally get it! There are so many developmental milestones that happen in the first few years of a little one’s life that it really does matter if the little babe is 2 weeks or 3 weeks or 6 months or 7 months.
  2. Napping when the baby naps is a myth. Let me ask you a question: When does a mom drink her coffee so she can make it through the next few hours of baby entertaining? Typically right before the baby goes down for his longest nap of the day. Because newborns are unpredictable. Another question: When does showering, and laundry, and meal preparing, and general house cleaning take place? Not when the baby is napping and you’re napping, I can tell you that. Final question, where is a newborn’s favorite place to sleep? Snuggled up in his momma’s arms, that’s where. Napping when the baby naps just is not very realistic those first few weeks. (Check out those cheeks below! So cute!) IMG_0228.JPG
  3. Your newborn will create your schedule. Between feedings and naps, newborns pretty much run the show. Lincoln’s schedule has been fairly predictable since about six weeks – he wakes up to eat every 2.5 hours and falls asleep for a nap about 90 minutes after waking up. I think we have the whole routine down until we need to go somewhere, or I want to take a nap, or it’s dinner time and all of a sudden his schedule isn’t predictable.
  4. Showering is a victory. Lincoln is pretty content to sit in his bouncer while I take a quick shower these days, but when he was a newborn squeezing in a shower was difficult to do. But even now, if Ryan asks what I did while he was at work and I showered I make sure to include it!
  5. Strollers are super nice to have. I hated strollers before we had Lincoln. You know those people at the mall who manage to take up the whole entire walk area with their massive stroller or can’t fit through a door because their babe is with them? Yeah. I didn’t want to be that person and refused to purchase a stroller. That is until it was a 60-degree day in February about two weeks after Lincoln was born.  Outside walks are where the stroller life is at.IMG_0315
  6. Overstimulating is a thing. Can you imagine leaving a pitch black snuggly home where you’ve spent your whole life and entering a world that has bright lights and loud noises? For newborns staring at a wall is stimulating. Heck, Lincoln has been here for nearly three months now and he still finds our living room lights extremely fascinating. We were so excited to welcome Lincoln home with his play mat and rattles and fun books, but most days just simply walking around our living room and staring at our faces was enough stimulation for him. There were still many days where there were too many new things for Lincoln to learn about and we quickly learned overstimulated babies = crabby babies. Advice to new moms: avoid this.IMG_0264
  7. Amazon Prime is your new best friend. That stroller I was talking about above? Free two-day shipping. Lincoln’s swaddle sacks, sunglasses, butt cream, diapers, wipes, and all the countless things I’ve bought to make breastfeeding easier? They’re all Amazon purchases and quite a few of them we got free same day shipping on. It’s so nice to hit order in the morning and have a package in the afternoon (all without leaving the house or having to change out of my spit-up stained pajamas). And don’t even get me started about how awesome Subscribe & Save is. It’s a total lifesaver for new mom-brain.
  8. Leggings are your new favorite item in your wardrobe. Leggings, I liked your before I had a baby, but now I love you. I apologize if I ever stated that you “were not pants”. You tuck me in in all the right places. Your black material matches everything. I can wear you as pajamas or throw a long sweater on and wear you out in public. Thank you for your comfortability and versatility.
  9. Baby wipes clean everything. Spit up on the blanket? Baby wipes. Snot all over your sweater? Baby wipes. Spilled coffee all over the seat of the car? Baby wipes. How did I live without these before?
  10. You will become the mom who takes a million pictures. Before having a baby, I never was the one to take photos in the group. I prefer to “live in the moment”. Ha ha. One week after having Lincoln, my iPhone storage ran out of space one because I had to take a photo of every new person that held him and a new video of every new noise or movement he made. I love looking back at these photos and videos of his first few weeks of life. If the next eighteen years are anything like the last three months you can find me with my camera snapping away at moments that pass in the blink of an eye.IMG_0329

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