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There’s often a stigma that goes along with having a C-section. Maybe it comes from not experiencing hours of labor pain or not having a baby the “natural way”. Maybe it comes from the idea that a mother who has a C-section has chosen to take “the easy way out”.  Today I’m tossing aside those stigmatizing statements and sharing why I loved having a C-section.

  1. More knowns: We knew from about 22 weeks that a C-section was a possibility for Lincoln’s birth. Because of this, we had plenty of time to mentally prepare for this option. Around 36 weeks, we knew the exact date our little bundle of joy would arrive. The day of we went to the hospital knowing what the procedure would be and approximately how long it would take.
  2. Pain-free: Well kind of. Because we had a scheduled C-section I didn’t have any contractions before Lincoln’s birth. Obviously, there was some pain in recovery.
  3. It was our safest option: Many of you know that I often opt for the most natural products and practices for our family. We choose these ways because we believe that they are what’s best for our family. Throughout our pregnancy, we visited a midwife, and I loved the idea of a natural birth. Lincoln was a big baby and he was breech, so having a C-section ended up being what was best for our family.
  4. We had a longer hospital stay: When I wrote about Lincoln’s birth story, I raved about our time in the hospital. As a new mom, it was so wonderful to not feel rushed out of the hospital after two days. We were able to consult with Lincoln’s pediatrician for the first five days of his life. I was able to see a lactation consultant for the first five days as well. We were able to have visitors in a controlled setting. We didn’t have any laundry or dishes or worries about taking out the garbage. I could go on and on, hospital life was good you guys! I’m so glad we were encouraged to stay a full five days.
  5. I had to take a slower recovery: New moms are instructed to take things easy the first couple weeks. When I’m at home, I like to be active and constantly doing things. (Cleaning, cooking, working out, you name it I like it.) Sound like a bad combination? Yup. While recovering, I kept telling myself that I had just had a major abdominal surgery. Had I not had a C-section I really do think I would have been pushing myself a bit harder than I should have been to start completing more tasks around the house and working out again.
  6. It’s how my son entered the world. A C-section was how Lincoln entered the world. His birth was a miracle and his entrance to the world was joyous, definitely worthy of celebrating!

I write this today to let others know if you end up having a C-section like we did, even if it’s not your plan,  that it is okay and there are many positives. Modern medicine is remarkable and we are so thankful that Lincoln was able to enter this world in a safe and controlled setting!


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