1. Are you a productive rainy day person or a snuggly rainy day person? I always find myself wanting to curl up with a good book or watch a movie with Ryan, but I get restless get things done so I can have fun outside when the sun comes out.
  2. I resonated with the rationale behind these love language based gifts.
  3. When was the last time you had a grilled cheese? Like the kind with white bread and Kraft singles and lots of butter (that are delicious for the nostalgic factor alone)? or the decadent kind with a good hearty bread and fancy cheese and still lots and lots of butter? My mouth is watering. I challenge you to make one this week.
  4. Coming from the psychology nerd daughter of the best cookie maker in the world, I share with you the psychology of baking.
  5. Lincoln slept for eight and a half hours Sunday night and I cried in the morning because we were “at the end of a night time waking era”. Okay, mom hormones. Those night time wake ups really won’t be ending for the next eighteen years.
  6. Update he slept in three-hour stretches again last night. The night time wakings definitely are not over.
  7. I loved this post on Ten Things To Do on Your First Staycation. Planning ours now.
  8. We have been having so many bugs (okay, like two massive centipedes and two spiders, but too many for my liking) in our townhome this spring. Help! What are your keep away tricks?!

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