Lincoln 2 Month Check-in



Since day one Lincoln has been an eager eater. We still do feedings about every 2-3 hours. We introduced the bottle in a moment of exhaustion when he was one week old and he gulps one down every few days like a champ. This portion of the post will become a lot more exciting in a few months when our little guy gets to try some real food.



Lincoln has given us six-hour stretches of sleep twice (both oddly after hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa for a few hours that evening…coincidence?) Otherwise he has slowly transitioned from sleeping in three hours between feedings at night time to four hours. He’s fallen into a nice routine of falling asleep again about an hour after waking up in the mornings too. It has been so nice to know I can squeeze in at least a 20-minute workout or a coffee and devotion – and on good days both! – during this time. We’ll start trying to get him into a bit more of a loose eat/wake/sleep routine the next few weeks.

Lincoln goes to bed every night between 7:30 and 8:30. If I’m not falling asleep at the same time as him, I’ll give him a little dream feed before we hit the hay. Ryan and I have adjusted to the frequent night wakings, what we can’t adjust to is if Lincoln wakes up anytime before 6 a.m. If Linc falls asleep around 7 p.m. (which sometimes he does), I really can’t complain about him waking up so early. That’s a lot of time for a little guy to be in bed, even with the middle of the night feedings. But if the clock says 5:59 when I’m woken up for that last feeding… none of the coffee works. I know it’s a total mental thing, but I still can’t shake it.


  • Staring at mom’s gallery wall and “his lamp” by his changing table
  • Tummy time – especially on mom and dad’s bellies
  • Perching his hands on our shoulders to check out what’s going on behind us
  • Relaxing on Dad’s shoulder
  • Chatting with us in the mornings
  • Bath time – especially the head masage


  • The act of being swaddled
  • Entering his carseat; once he’s in he’s good!
  • Being removed from his changing table
  • The snot sucker (can you blame him?)
  • Being outside. We think this is a sun thing and hopefully, the sunglasses we bought him will help with this!



  • The MOBY – I use this at least once a day with Lincoln. If Lincoln isn’t napping well in his crib, he gets wrapped up in the MOBY so I can get a few morning things done around the house. I also use it frequently while preparing dinner. Usually Lincoln falls asleep from the swaying motion right before we sit down to eat, so Ryan and I get a dinner date.
  • Swaddle Pods and Swaddle Sacks. Lincoln has been a double swaddled baby since day one. While we originally favored the hospital swaddles, because they were so strong and hard for him to break out of, we swapped for a more nightime-diaper-changing-friendly option. Lincoln goes into a swaddle pod every night (zips from the top and bottom, hello!) and then into a swaddle sack to keep him warm. We’ll probably drop down to one in a few weeks here when it gets warmer, but right now he seems to be super relaxed in this combo.


Lincoln had his first cold at 6 weeks, I’m not sure if it was worse for him or for his parents. The little dude slept A LOT for about three days and had a nasty little cough. I experienced quite a bit of mom guilt (for letting him be exposed to germs), but we know it’s good for him to build up his immune system! Ryan and I also caught his bug, and with our whacky new parent sleep schedules are finally recovering now – three weeks later.

Two weeks ago I returned to work part-time in the afternoons and am loving it. I get to bring Lincoln along with me (such a blessing to be able to do this!) He’s been napping well in his car seat and enjoys snuggling in the MOBY while I get things done. Last Wednesday the DJ lights were dug out and Lincoln loved them! I may just have to borrow some for our own home.

Lincoln weighs 12 pounds 5 oz (49th percentile) and is 24 inches long (87th percentile). He grew two inches between 6 and 8 weeks. Those growth spurts were no joke!

We’ve had fun the past two months learning Lincoln’s personality. From his constant night-time cooing and “puppy” noises to his dramatic facial expressions (see Baptism photo above) to his cutesy little conversation attempts he’s been having with us the past few weeks. Our little dude loves to check out the world around him and is constantly pushing off of Ryan and I to see things better. We think he’s pretty strong and is certainly social. If we could guess, we think that in a few years it will be difficult to find a moment where he’s not talking or moving (maybe that’s most little kids… he’s our first – what do we know!)




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