Photo from a brunch date with Ashton Thiessen
  1. How is it already April? And how do I have a two-month old child? I just spent a bit of time thinking about our life last year at this time. Oh, how our life has changed in crazy awesome ways.
  2. So remember last year when Bulletproof coffee was all the rage? Well, we didn’t have a good blender last year and so I never tried to make it. Well, I finally made some last Monday, and then again on Tuesday, and on Wednesday… SO good. SO easy. You guys NEED TO TRY.
  3. All the caps are due to excessive coffee, not sorry.
  4. Every major event that’s happened in your life. I’ve been sucked in and keep looking up all of my family member’s timelines.
  5. A wannabe-organizing-queen’s fridge goals.
  6. Bowl meals. Long story short Ryan and I tried a new restaurant last week and realized how stinkin’ easy it was to make quinoa bowls.  Last Sunday I did my first “meal prep” in weeks and cooked up a big batch of quinoa, made some hummus, and sliced up some chicken sausage. All we need to do is add spinach, veggies, and a little sauce or cheese if we’re feeling it. Super easy lunches for the win!
  7. I’m finally feeling like I’m ready to cook again for the first time in months so dump all your new favorite recipes in the comments below!

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