1. Welcome back friends! It feels so good to be back typing away on the blog again. It’s Thursday, so here’s some things.
  2. Who watched last week’s Fixer Upper and who now wants to live on a house boat? So stinkin’ cool.
  3. Becoming a mom has turned me into the lady that takes a million pictures of her kid.
  4. It has also made me want to create a hashtag that I use on Facebook and Insta, in text messages, in everyday conversation… I’m thinking #LincolnsSoCute. Yes, I know I’m obnoxious.
  5. I couldn’t stand eating cold broccoli until about six months ago and now I want to devous this Broccoli Salad. YUM.
  6. Do yourself a favor and watch these videos: How Jen Does It. I watched five or so of these the last week I was pregnant and they got my butt right off the couch and cleaning/meal prepping/budgeting. That’s saying a lot for someone who was 38 weeks pregnant with a nearly ten pound baby cooking inside of her.
  7. We’ve been living off the crock pot freezer meals we made a few weeks back (and their copious amounts of leftovers) and you guys, they’re so good! They don’t taste “freezery” at all. I’ll be sharing a round-up of what we made sometime soon.
  8. Genius idea of the week – use up that leftover Valentine candy (or in our house, Christmas candy) and stir a truffle into your hot coffee, warm milk, or latte for a delicious chocolatey drink.

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