How far along: 38 weeks and 6 days

Baby is the size of: a baby?

Clothes: I’ve been wearing jeans and I have a plethora of pullovers to choose from (since my wife can’t fit in any of them and steal them right now).

Sleeping: Well.

Miss anything: Not having to give back rubs, foot rubs, and hand rubs on a daily basis. Being able to walk more than a mile with Katelyn.

Movement: It is pretty cool to watch the baby move. It’s kind of crazy how he has his head so high sometimes. It’s fairly common for him to move and leave a gap sticking up in Katelyn’s shirt where he had just stretched.

Cravings or Aversions: I’m pretty easy to please and just eat what Katelyn eats. We eat more ice cream than normal these days.

Nursery update: It took a lot of work, but it looks nice. We’re so blessed to have generous family and friends who helped us fill the nursery with essentials.

Things we want to remember: Katelyn’s funny cravings – she was obsessed with pickles for a few months. Once she told me she wanted to eat a pickle while she was drinking hot chocolate. And her last craving before the baby arrived was a hamburger.

She also said weird words often, I guess that’s pregnancy brain. One really bad time was on the weekend after Thanksgiving at her grandparent’s church. We were some of the only people singing in church and Katelyn belted out the wrong word to a hymn. The whole pew was shaking with the both of us and Katelyn’s dad laughing. Next up is new parent brain for both of us, we’re not looking forward to that.

Looking forward to: Being a dad and finally naming our son (Katelyn won’t let us pick a name until after we see him).


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