Thursday Things 1.26

  1. We had a crazy Friday night that involved making 8 crockpot ready freezer meals that we can whip out for an easy meal once baby arrives. It took us roughly two hours and was actually a lot of fun. Is this what date nights are like as parents?
  2. One problem with making that many freezer meals is there is no room in a little townhouse freezer for ice cream. Whomp, whomp.
  3. I have no clue when GIF’s became as simple as sending an emoji on my iPhone, but I discovered them last week and cannot stop sending them out. I apologize to my husband who has received 97% of these.
  4. Use this cute little infographic to make super simple homemade granola.
  5. I discovered a new workout app last week – FitStar. I’m about 50 percent sure that I am not on a free trial, because it seems a little too good to be true for this mama-to-be. The app creates custom workouts for you and after each move you get the chance to rate its difficulty. (Bonus: they have a ton of commercial-free playlists you can choose to accompany your workout.) Even if you do only have a free trial it’s worth a download.
  6. It took thirty-six weeks of pregnancy for me to make an egg free cookie dough. I can’t decide if I should be upset with all of the missed opportunities to eat cookie dough or proud of my will power.
  7. So fascinated with these name popularity throughout time videos, probably because we’ve yet to choose a name for our little one.

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