How far along: 37 weeks

Baby is the size of: a large melon. The past few weeks all the comparisons I’ve seen of the baby just seem HUGE. We had an ultrasound last week to check out the baby’s position (he’s still nice and cozy in a breech position) and they estimated he was 20 inches and weighed 7.5 pounds. That’s a big baby. Fortunately, I’ve had many people tell me that these estimates are always wrong. Fingers crossed they’re right.

Maternity clothes: I’ve reached that point of the pregnancy where I feel huge in just about everything I wear. I’m back to rotating the same three tank tops and short sleeve shirts every day. (I’m thankful that this baby is due in February and not August because I am hot ALL. THE. TIME.)

SleepThe other night when I woke up for the third time to use the bathroom, I thought to myself, “wow, I can’t wait until this baby is out of me and I can sleep through the night”. Ha, ha, hahaha. I’ve decided that God gave pregnant lady’s the symptom of frequent night rising to use the bathroom as preparation for frequent night wakings once the baby arrives. Otherwise, I’ve had a few bouts of insomnia, but it’s nothing a short day nap can’t fix.
Miss anything: I would love a #12 from Jimmy John’s, so if anyone wants to reunite me with deli turkey when they come visit the baby you can hold him for at least as long as it takes me to eat the sandwich.
 Movement:  It’s been fun to feel the baby develop more of a wake/sleep cycle the past few weeks. At least once every other day I find myself thinking, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know if I’ve felt him move all day!” and then usually about thirty minutes after that thought he’s rolling his head and kicking his feet a million times in a row.
 Cravings or Aversions: I’ve indulged in a lot of sweet treats over the past few weeks with Christmas and New Year’s festivities and am struggling not going a day (or let’s be honest – going a meal) without ice cream or something sweet. But that’s everyone after the holidays, right? Also, all of the fruit in our fridge which tends to give me all the heartburn a pregnant lady can handle.
Nursery update: We spent a few nights around Christmas organizing the nursery, sorting through our son’s clothes, and washing his blankets and bedding. We also found a blue cushioned rocker in my parents’ basement (that they’ve had since my sisters and I were babies, how special is that?) It’s taken up a new home in Baby Bolte’s nursery. I’m happy to say that we have only used his crib as a clothes drying rack once since we finished organizing his room and are ready for him to come any day now!
Things we want to remember: The impending arrival of our little one kept us home for Christmas and Ryan and I had a “babymoon staycation” over Christmas weekend. We stayed in the cities (at my parent’s while we dogsat, haha), but had lots of quality time and a handful of splurges we normally wouldn’t.
We’ve also been playing a lot of board games and reading which we most likely will not have much time to do once the baby arrives (especially the board games).
I want to remember the mornings I slept in and did not feel guilty because I am well aware that sleeping in past 8 am will be a rare occurrence for the next twelve years.
Once again, we feel spoiled by the generosity of our family and friends and everyone’s willingness to help us prepare for Baby Bolte’s arrival.
We’re expecting Baby Bolte to make his arrival around 39 weeks. So this will be my last monthly update. It’s been so fun to document the changes throughout this pregnancy and go back every few weeks to remember what life was like.
Baby, we can’t wait to meet you!

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