How far along: 32 weeks

Baby is the size of:  a pineapple! He is approximately 17 inches and weighed in at 4 pound nine ounces at yesterday’s ultrasound. Mom is feeling every bit of his added weight in her belly the past few weeks (and apparently has started talking in the third person too).

Maternity clothes: My best friend loaned me her entire maternity wardrobe just before Thanksgiving. I did not know what I had been missing out on (before I had been living in my maternity jeans splurge, leggings, and the same 4 shirts on rotation). It has been so nice to have options when getting ready again. So this month I am extra thankful for her! ❤

SleepI’ve adjusted to sleeping with a belly pretty well. I’ve relearned the past two weeks that growing a baby takes lot of work. I’m back to my first trimester sleep schedule (if I don’t get a nap in that day, bed time is passing out on the couch at 8 pm). Fortunately, I have one class period separating me from the end of this first semester of grad school. When that’s complete I’ll just be waiting for baby to come (and hopefully squeezing in lots of naps!)
Miss anything: Copious amounts of coffee still. Waking up feeling rested. Fitting into a winter coat with room to spare.
 Movement:  Baby’s kicks and punches have declined as he’s slowly running out of room. There has definitely been more of rotating twists and turns than punching movements in the past two weeks and it took a few days for me to get used to/not think I had an upset stomach. Also the little guy hiccups all the time, which is so fun to feel as long as its not three a.m.
 Cravings or Aversions: Pickles (always), mashed potatoes, and hot chocolate. Also late night brownies and something cheesy at every meal.
Nursery update: Crib is put together (thanks Ryan!) and we even found a blue crib sheet in some of my cousin’s hand me downs that we popped on there to make it feel like the real deal. The room looks so much more like a nursery now. Since my last post we’ve tripled our baby clothes and supplies (Thanks Black Friday and Amazon Cyber week). I have a baby shower Saturday, woohoo, and I’m looking forward to celebrating little guy with all of my sweet family and friends (and sorting through what essentials we need post party.)
Things we want to remember: We had another ultrasound this past week to get squared away on little guy’s latest growth and positioning. Ryan studied the human body extensively in college was blown away by his tiny bone and brain structure. We also saw a hair on his head swaying around, which I found fascinating to see!
We had our first big snowfall last weekend and it brought a long a strong urge to “nest”. I’m looking forward to cozying up the next few weeks.

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