Thursday Things 12.1

  1. Hope you enjoyed all your Thanksgiving festivities (and the leftovers) last week! Can you believe it’s only 30 days until the new year?
  2. As I wrote that first sentence about enjoying leftovers I was reminded of the leftover green bean casserole in our fridge. I’m now eating it. Pregnant lady on a mission y’all.
  3. Approximately 90 percent of these things have happened to me today.
  4. Did you get your Black Friday shopping in? I can’t help but laugh at Ryan and my attempts to shop on Amazon for baby necessities this past weekend. I’ve read all the blogs and received plenty of advice, but when it comes down to clicking “add to cart” I’m still dumbfounded about what we actually need before little guy arrives. I have a feeling that come February we’ll be thanking God for Amazon Prime and same day delivery.
  5. ICED EGGNOG LATTES.I don’t even like eggnog that much, but we’ve been using our espresso machine like mad lately and how good do these sound?
  6. Or if iced drinks in winter or eggnog aren’t your thing, how about Decadent Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate? I think I’ll be making both tomorrow!

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