Helloooooo third trimester. I have definitely feeling more pregnant since last month’s bumpdate, which sadly means that “my trimester” as I lovingly referred to the second trimester is officially over.

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby is the size of:  a large eggplant or, at approximately 2.5 pounds and 16 inches, or the size of a chihuahua.

Gender: Still a boy!

Maternity clothes: I haven’t had to purchase anything new this past month which has been nice for our budget. I’m loving the heavy sweater cweather and my new staple is legging, long sleeve tee, and thick cardigan. With a little radiator in front of me this outfit keeps me warm and cozy, but not too warm and cozy. I’m hoping I can pull this look off for the rest of my pregnancy, because it’s so easy and so comfortable (and I like to think it’s so fashionable too).
Sleep: My sleep is on the decline. I’ve been waking up quite a few times a night the past two weeks. I have always been a back sleeper and sleeping on my side makes my shoulders feel super tense and uncomfortable. And middle of the night insomnia? I’ve learned that’s a thing. I sleep like a queen on our couch when I take afternoon naps, but am really looking forward to sleeping without a belly once baby arrives – even if it’s only for a couple of hours at a time.
Miss anything: With the end of the semester quickly approaching, I wish I could chug a lot of coffee like I did in my undergrad days to get some work done. Oh the things I could do with a fully caffeinated latte in my system.
 Movement:  Baby B still is quite active. We love feeling his punches and kicks. I’ve been able to feel him roll around inside of me (sometimes right on top of my bladder, how lovely), and last week we felt his hiccups for the first time which was so fun!
 Cravings or Aversions: Burgers and baked potatoes were craved hardcore in week 24 and 25, and then in week 26 I got hit with morning sickness again. Thankfully that didn’t last long and I’m feeling better! Ever since Tuesday I’ve been craving biscuits. No big aversions lately, with the exception of my gestational diabetes test drink I had yesterday, yuck!
Nursery update: We officially have a dismantled crib in the nursery and a growing piles of baby supplies on the floor in there too. I’m looking forward to some bargain hunting the next few weeks.
Things we want to remember: About two weeks ago we walked into Target to start a registry, went straightto the baby aisle and stopped dead in the middle of the aisle. We had literally no clue what to scan in. Insert little mental freak out moment – luckily we maintained composure and picked out some things we liked and then went home to investigate the things we need. Recent mamas out there – what are your must have’s?
We had a little class at the hospital last week and got to tour the rooms that we’d be living in for a few days when little man makes his arrival. It made things feel a lot more real.
We are also baby obsessed (or at least I am) and anytime I see an infant carseat out in public, I just have a big urge to get a good look at the cutie inside.
We’re making the most of the time when it’s “just the two of us” and being able to leave the house on our own timeframe. The majority of the time this translates into we both can go  pick out our ice cream flavor when a craving hits.
Looking forward to: One last little girl’s weekend before baby arrives (starting in just a few hours, wheee!) Also Thanksgiving next week (I have to have those biscuits, you know) and all the Christmas-y events following. Also my sisters will be back in the cities for much of December and I can’t wait to spend time with them!

One thought on “Bumpdate: 28 weeks

  1. Get the Sophie giraffe chew toy! I don’t know a single baby who didn’t love it. Also those vibrating rocker chairs you can buckle baby in our amazing, babies seem to love the vibration. Good luck! Love seeing all the updates!


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