Thursday Things 11.3


  1. My stats class has turned me into a nerd and I keep geeking out over the election forecast on
  2. This also makes me feel like a really cool wife, because according to the hubs is thee site to visit for sports stats. So you guys should probably check it out.
  3. Slow cooker buffalo chicken because I’ve been craving buffalo everything this past week.
  4. Our nursery has about 10 square feet of decorateable wall space. (Is decorateable a word? If not, it is now.) Regardless, I’m obsessed with our little inspiration board on Pinterest. So cute.
  5. We did not dress up as anything for halloween and yes, I know I missed some good opportunities styling the bump, but how funny is this whip and nae nae costume?
  6. Fun fact you might not know about me: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think it’s because it’s like the kick off holiday to a month of lots of quality time with family and friends. Twenty-one day countdown is on!
  7. That being said, I hate when Christmas things are brought out before Thanksgiving. The biggest implications that has for this coffee lover is to resist the holiday drinks at Caribou and Starbucks for the next three weeks. Wish me luck.

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