1. Wowza. How is it almost November already? Monday I took a guess that it was the October 13th and was only a week off, so that’s how times been flying over here.
  2. We moseyed on downtown to the coolest coffee food truck last Friday. I had myself a maple bourbon latte, which felt pretty weird to drink at 1o am in the morning with a baby inside of me, but hey, it was realllly good.
  3. Also I survived my first week of graduate school midterms! I’m telling myself if I can make it through tests with my current memory (or lack there of, pregnant brain is real you guys), the rest of school should be a breeze.
  4. Ryan and I try not to eat a lot of sweets, but I’ve been craving cookies and brownies and everything chocolatey and delicious. Introducing freezing cookie dough. Just make, freeze, and bake as desired. Why have I not thought of this before?
  5. Please tell me you’ve watched an episode of This is Us. It’s so odd liking a show that I have to wait a full week between episodes to air. I just want to watch them all back, to back, to back.
  6. If you ever spend time in the kitchen. Here’s 30 kitchen tricks to use.
  7. And finally fast food joints with the most fries. Which ones are your favorites?

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