How far along: 24 weeks

Baby is the size of:  Baby B is the length of a footlong sub and the weight of a Chipotle burrito (aka 12 inches and 1 and a half pounds).

Gender:  A BOY! Knowing this has slashed our baby names list down from approximately 1000 to around 500 options. And no, we don’t plan on sharing his name until he makes his arrival in February.

Maternity clothes: are pretty much all that fit me. I have a few cute t’s that are versatile with cardigans and scarfs, but I’ve just been longing to go shopping in a real store. There’s always next year! Anytime I’m not in public I’m wearing leggings and an old zip up sweatshirt I found in the back of my sister’s closet.
 Sleep: Sleep was good until this past week. I can still make it 8-9 hours a night with zero to one bathroom breaks, but the sleep stealing culprit lately has been my hips and back.  Only sixteen weeks to go.
Miss anything: Working out like a normal lady.
 Movement:  Baby B is moving alllll the time. I can’t believe it was just a few weeks ago that I was debating if those little knocks were kicks and punches. Now it’s hard to remember a time that I didn’t feel the baby moving around inside of me. It’s so fun to feel him being active (with the exception of the one time I felt a swift kick to my rib).
Cravings or Aversions: All things cheesy and spicy! We’ve been consuming a lot of buffalo chicken dishes and I’ll add hot sauce to my eggs, pizza, chili, grilled cheese, basically anything (besides ice cream obviously).
Things we want to remember: Everyday it seems like Ryan or I are commenting on how we can’t believe I’m going to get bigger and then the next day I wake up feeling a teeny bit bumpier. We had so much fun sharing the baby’s sex after we found out and feel spoiled to have such a generous and supportive family and friends in our life.

Looking forward to: Ryan’s soccer season ending in a few weeks. This means we’ll have a bit more time together to plan, take classes, and just enjoy our last few months as just the two of us. Also I’ve never been one to rush the holidays, but I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!
Here’s a little side by side comparison of this baby bump’s growth the past six months.  Catch you all next month!


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