How far along: 20 weeks

Baby is the size of:  a banana or a dollar bill. Baby also is the weight of 50 quarters. Who comes up with this stuff?

Gender:  Mom is teetering between boy and girl now. Ryan is now refusing to guess. Two more weeks of suspense, and then we can go crazy at Hobby Lobby planning the nursery.

Maternity clothes: A few weeks ago I went through my closet and put away all the clothes that wouldn’t fit during my pregnancy. Last week Monday I cried getting dressed in the morning, because the clothes that were supposed to fit “didn’t fit”. Thanks hormones. I bought my first two pairs of maternity jeans last Saturday and they feel so good! I may just wear them forever.
Sleep: Sleep is still good. I sleep a lot and I’m embracing a schedule that lets me do so. Now that I can feel a bit of a bump, I sleep happily on my side with a pillow propped right underneath to hold that baby up.
Miss anything: Mostly Ryan when he’s gone coaching, but don’t worry we still see each other plenty. Also my I miss my memory, pregnancy brain is very real.
Movement: I’ve felt a few “knocks” in my belly lately. And I just poke right back to say “hi baby”. Last night little baby was going crazy while we were trying to fall asleep and Ryan got to feel too!
Cravings or Aversions: With the exception of green grapes and a Dr. Pepper that I wanted so badly last night, I haven’t had any big uncontrollable cravings lately. Dairy is something I still want a lot of. Sometimes I fulfill this need with a latte “for the baby” before night class. Most of the time I just eat what is easy and I’m in the mood for, and lately that’s been lots of variations of soup and oatmeal (not together).
Things we want to remember: The Sunday of week 18 was the first time I felt “pregnant” and not just like I had ate a really big dinner. (Note: I think I felt this way after looking at myself in the mirror after a really big dinner.) Hearing baby’s heartbeat again at our 18 week ultrasound. The first evening around 19 weeks when Ryan and I realized that our baby can probably hear our voices now and we had a giggly conversation about the importance of “working out” with him/her. Realizing the little knocks in my lower abdomen were some baby movement and having Ryan feel them for the first time!

Looking forward to: Getting rid of this cold I’ve been battling the past week and the first freeze when I can kiss my seasonal allergies goodbye. Also our morning ultrasound date with the baby in two weeks. Can’t wait to see him or her again!
Here’s a little recap of the growing bump so far. Not sure what happened to my head at sixteen weeks, but you can see the little bump and that’s what’s important!

One thought on “Bumpdate: 20 weeks

  1. Haha, I craved Dr. Pepper during my first pregnancy. I resisted, but when I was in labor that was all I could think about, so when it was all over that was the first thing I had! Can’t wait to find out boy or girl!


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