Thursday Things 9.15

  1. It officially feels like fall in the air, and I am loving this weather.
  2. Saw the Girl on the Train trailer yesterday. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this movie.
  3. Do you guys want to know the definition of baby brain? Putting all the dishes in the dishwasher, adding soap, and not hitting run. Then getting upset at your husband four hours later because “he didn’t start the dishwasher”.
  4. Alternative definition: throwing the entire box with contents you were planning on returning to the store into the garbage bin and leaving it there for five days. Shout out to the hubs for reminding me I still “have that return to make” the night before garbage day and to Mrs. Meyer’s lavender dryer sheets for taking the not so pleasant  smell right out those things.
  5. Anyone else think that a coffee cup is a perfect fall accessory?
  6. Ryan and I have spent way too much money on coffee this past week. Probably because the weather feels all fall like and just pairs so perfectly with a decaf pumpkin spice latte half-caf (or maybe just give me all the caf) whole milk latte. Anywho, we made a pact to stop purchasing coffee until November 1st. Anyone want to join in our misery?
  7. Put this OATMEAL in your CROCK POT for tomorrow morning. Because is there anything more fall like than a warm breakfast of SALTED CARAMEL OATS?
  8. Answer to that is no… except maybe if you wear a big fluffy scarf and carry around the accessory I talked about in number five.

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