Thursday Things 9.1

  1. It’s officially September, which means its fall, which means I need to start making the 752 crock pot soups I’ve pinned on Pinterest over the last year.
  2. Who here’s heard of Thred Up? It’s like an online thrift shop. I just discovered it yesterday and have already placed my first order. Click that little linky up there when you sign up, you’ll get $10 off your first order (plus another 40% off right now, what-what?) and I get $10 too. It’s a pretty sweet deal.
  3. Annnnd if you’re deciding what to purchase/how to rationalize your spending on Thred Up read this article about three questions to ask yourself before making a clothing purchase.
  4. Saturday morning we made a big batch of pizza dough and sauce and we’ve been cooking homemade pizzas all week. Pepperoni and pickles is my favorite combo. You all need to try it, even if you’re not pregnant. I promise it’s good.
  5. I don’t have any friend-friends with a baby due in the month of February, buuuuut I have a solid 5 long-time-followed-you-on-Bloglovin/Instagram friends that have all announced their first baby is due in February and I’ve been soooo giddy about every single one of them.
  6. I’ll take these breakfast enchiladas right now.
  7. With a side of this cold brew, because would it really be a Thursday Things post if I didn’t mention coffee?

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