Bumpdate: 16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks

Baby is the size of: an avocado – one of the foods I want topped on everything this week.

Gender:  Mom guesses boy. Dad guesses girl. We’d be thrilled with either. We’ll find out in a few weeks!

Maternity clothes: I fell in love with a Belly Band a friend loaned me a few weeks ago, so I’m still wearing most of my regular clothes. Graduate school begins next week and I’m planning on rocking lots of maternity leggings and tunics/dresses.
Sleep: Sleep is good, especially since moving into a room that fits a king size bed! I have a maternity body pillow that Ryan bought for me around my birthday in June. He probably instantly regretted this since it took up the majority of our full size bed at that time. I’m still sleeping on my back almost all the time, but trying oh so hard to cuddle up on my side.
Miss anything: Having a constant schedule (not pregnancy related) and having a glass of wine when I wanted (pregnancy related, although ironically I could count on my hand the amount of times Ryan and I have had a glass of wine at night in the past year, so I really shouldn’t be “missing this” at all).
Movement: Possibly! I’ve been having some weird feelings in my belly that I can’t quite pin down. Then a friend suggested I could be feeling the baby move! I’m thinking it’s that now, but still nothing Ryan can feel. We can’t wait for the moment when we’re so sure that that’s what we’re feeling!
Cravings or Aversions: Craving english muffins, avocados, all kinds of dairy, and pizza – always pizza. Somedays chicken gets me  (I cannot stand the concept of it raw) and I cannot stand bacon – which I’ve never liked, but now even the smell of it makes my stomach turn.
Things we want to remember: Sharing our news with family and friends, and taking time to appreciate all the love, prayers, and support. Seeing our little one kick his/her arms and legs in our 10 week ultrasound – we could not believe that that little fighter was inside of me! Meeting our new midwife in early August and hearing little one’s heartbeat healthy and strong at our first appointment with her. (We’re trying to forget about the morning sickness that consumed weeks 5 to 12.)
Looking forward to: Finding out our little one’s gender so we can start talking names and nursery themes and begin purchasing drooling over baby clothes.

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