Thursday Things 8.25

  1. Happy Thursday! After a long blogging break, I’m excited to be back and sharing the latest in the Bolte house with you again!
  2. Yesterday I downloaded f.Lux, and I have to say it’s pretty darn nifty. If you have a macbook, you should definitely check it out.
  3. I know it’s late August, but Caribou is rolling out their pumpkin drinks and a teeny, tiny part of me wants to go get one even though I feel like they’re rushing our last few weeks of summer.
  4. Speaking of coffee, I’ve been dreaming about this cold brew creation Ryan and I had in Colorado a few weeks back. It’s called the Buzz and it’s equal parts cold brew, half and half, and chocolate milk. Our barista described it to us as an “adult chocolate milk” and since that’s the only kind of “adult beverage” I can consume these days, I want one. Right. Now.
  5. Here’s the big question: french fries or french toast?
  6. Stay tuned tomorrow my very first bump date is coming to the blog.

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