When a newly married, new blogger falls off the face of the earth for approximately three months she may just be pregnant.  And that’s exactly what Ryan and I are sharing on the blog today! Were any of you suspicious? We’re expecting our first child this February!!

Between morning sickness, fatigue, and the craziness of our changing life (more details later in this post) blogging was the last thing on my mind – and keeping our secret from all of you readers would have been so, so difficult! Now that we’re past the first trimester, family and friends, you can certainly expect some more frequent content, some more Thursday Things, and a few bumpdates (bump updates obviously).

The Bolte family has certainly had some big changes the past few weeks and months. Enough changes that we can easily mark this summer as the end of the first chapter of a Bolte Story and the start of chapter two!

  • On July 3rd, we celebrated our first year of marriage!
  • Late July, I left my family at Tandem Bagels so that I had more time to focus on graduate school this fall.
  • In early August we moved out of our first ever apartment together in Mankato and into a more spacious townhouse in the Twin Cities.
  • And most excitingly, in early June we found out we’re expecting Baby Bolte in February 2017!

Through all these changes we’re so thankful for our family and friends for sharing in our excitement with and supporting us. We’re most thankful for the Writer of our story – our Lord and Creator – who’s plans never cease to amaze us.

Check back next week for Thursday Things and maybe just another post or two coming your way. Thanks for reading! ❤


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