Thursday Things 6.2

  1. Happy best month of the year! AKA June. AKA my birthday month. Woohoo!
  2. Kind of a hoping for another cool rainy day so I can turn on my oven and make these salted chocolate chunk cookies.
  3. We spent a day last week shopping up at the Mall of America. I was on a mission to buy some supportive and cute summer sandals (a mission that was amplified by the $10 cheapo pair I was sporting) and no lie, I spotted a pair a 60-something year old wearing a pair I thought were cute, asked her if I could have them if she wasn’t buying, and ended up purchasing them. I’ve been loving on my grandma sandals all week.
  4. Three words: Tiramisu French Toast.
  5. And speaking of delicious french toast, Ryan and I are considering reserving one day a week as our brunch day. This means we wake up slow, enjoy our coffee, and of course craft delicioso recipes like that one above. How awesome does that sound?
  6. To all my friends searching for jobs.
  7. Sunrise or sunset?
  8. Which one would you rather watch? I’m a sun-riser all the way. Five am, a cup of coffee, a new day, and the rest of the world isn’t a wake yet? There’s just something peaceful about that.



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