1. Happy Thursday Friends!
  2. I made some nail art (of a coffee mug obviously) on Saturday night and it actually turned out pretty cute…for a craft…crafted by me.
  3. Maybe if this whole grad school thing doesn’t turn out, I can just become a nail art lady on Etsy. #NewBackUpPlan
  4. Who wants to gobble up this yummy hummus plate with me?
  5. If you see my crawling around the coffee shop today, it’s because I ended my workout hiatus with this 15 minute lower body workout yesterday. Ouch.
  6. Currently struggling between laying low on sugar and devouring these triple chocolate mocha fudge brownies. YUM.
  7. My college best friend is getting married this weekend and I’ve been reminiscing our wedding week and growing more excited for Saturday all week. Stay tuned for pictures.
  8. Sunday is our day off and this mint mojito pour over and lots of relaxing is happening.
  9. Weddings, or coffee, or lots of relaxing? What’s your weekend plans?



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