Hi blog world – long time no see! We’ve been busy working and enjoying the summer weather, so today I thought I’d share with you a little post about what the Bolte’s are currently loving.

Currently Loving…

Food: Avocado everything, big ol’ salads, protein smoothies with Orgain protein powder, coconut milk, powder, and avocado (obviously), coconut oil popcorn (always popcorn).

Coffee: I’m still taking my coffee hot. Last week I mixed in coconut milk powder or a little square of chocolate in my afternoon pick me up and let me tell you it was soooo decadent. Ryan’s been drinking Califa Cold Brew before his early morning shifts, and guys, it’s so good. If you’ve never tried cold brew, make this be your first.

Music: “I was made for loving you” by Tori Kelly and a Spotify playlist that I made nearly a year ago for our wedding day.

TV: Ryan and I have been watching little pieces of House of Cards whenever we have a free hour or so at night. I’m still watching How to Get Away with Murder on and off while working out and Ryan watches Quantico during his lunch break on a weekly basis. Oh and The Family is usually included on Monday nights on our Apple TV. Have you checked this show out yet? This week’s episode was jaw dropping!

Movies: I watched Father of the Bride for the first time on Saturday at a Bachelorette Party. I was a little too busy crafting to pay attention, which is probably a good thing, because I’m pretty sure I would have balled my eyes out. This one is going on my watch list.

Clothing: A pair of shorts from Old Navy. A knee length pink skirt paired with this top from Sears (yes, Sears!)And a hand me down pair of sweat pants that I recently rediscovered in the back of my closet.

Devotion: We’ve both been working on these his and hers Proverbs devotion and are enjoying the occasional morning when we get to sip coffee together and discuss our answers.

Essential Oils: Lavender for sunburns and allergy relief, deep relief for deep relief (duh).

Books: The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women is my top pick. Ryan’s loving the Messiah Method.


What have you been loving lately?


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