A tale of beginning graduate school.

Wednesday was a big day for me as I began my first day of graduate school. Okay, it was orientation, but I have missed school so much the past five months that I am going to count orientation as my first day. I was like an excited five year old heading to her first day of Kindergarten. Sans the light up shoes and my mom dropping me off from the mini van; I’ve upgraded to knee length skirts and metro trains.

  1. Plop down on the computer three days after orientation to register for classes. A mental break was needed after orientation, but I am rearing to go now and have just the two classes in mind.
  2. Realize that prior to registration I need to set up my ID.
  3. Scour my emails for any sort of direction on how to discover this.
  4. Find my ID emailed to me. It is the first four letters of my last name (BOLT, nice) and four random numbers (also nice).
  5. Quickly memorize my ID as I type BOLTxxxx more times than I can count, creating accounts for my new email and community boards.
  6. Let’s all take a moment and give one to high school seniors. Four years and a bachelor’s degree later and I’m struggling with the basics of orienting myself to a new institution’s online interfaces.
  7. Complete ninety minutes of sexual abuse awareness training to complete my account set up.
  8. Take a coffee break (cold press with extra cream obviously).
  9. Jitterly (is that word? it is now) log on to my institution’s site with freshly memorized username and pray that my classes are not full, that this process will be short, and that I can leave my apartment soon to enjoy the gorgeous weather outside.
  10. My registration has been denied due to a hold on my record that is so top secret it cannot be named online.
  11. Take three deep breaths and walk away from the computer.

I am no longer an excited Kindergartner. I am a worn warrior who has just completed a 2 hour long battle with technology. I will try again in three days.



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