5 beautiful kitchen backsplashes

Yes this post was inspired by my obsession with Fixer Upper and open floor plans and beautiful kitchens. We currently do not have an open floor plan or a beautiful kitchen. We do have Netflix and lots of dreams.

Ryan and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I promise we do. I just don’t like it when it’s forced. You know, like the we need to make and eat dinner in 20 minutes or I’m going to explode out of hanger, forced.I like to think a nice kitchen backsplash would make me a bit happier in these moments. Like hey I’m stuck in the kitchen, but at least I have this gorgeous tiled wall to look at while I’m stuck here. Plus it would make a way better backdrop for blog photos and our little espresso bar would look so cute against it.

Alas we are currently renting an apartment in Minnesota and adding a backsplash to our kitchen will not be occurring anytime in the near future. A girl can dream though, right? Right.

So I present to you five beautiful kitchen backsplashes:

  1. Subway tile: Subway tile is clean and classic. Especially in a white color like the kitchen pictured below. If we’re talking nickels and dimes, subway tile is fairly inexpensive too. Classic and inexpensive? sold. subwaytile{photo}
  2. Chalkboard paint: If we’re still on the money saving train, a chalkboard backsplash is the real winner. You just need to buy chalkboard paint! How adorable is this cupcake station? I can clearly envision wiping all these supplies out and filling it with our coffee machines and mugs. The kicker: chalk is oh so very messy and who has time to write cute things all day long? I would probably cry when I inevitably spill coffee on my cute lettering that took hours to write. P.S. I promise this post is not a push for open shelving in  a kitchen. chalk


3. Patterned: Will patterned backlsplashes like this on always be in style? Absolutely not, but they are certainly having a moment right now. While this kitchen’s entire backsplash is made up of this pattern I love the idea for a fun pop in a little kitchen nook.



4. Wooden Backsplash: Whoops some more floating shelves in a kitchen. I promise this post is about kitchen backsplash ideas. Back on topic. Wood backsplash. Clean and refreshing. I’d probably opt for the real deal, but I’ve seen posts of people putting laminate flooring on their walls as a less expensive, DIY alternative to this design. woodenbacksplash


5. Brick Pavers. When Ryan and I saw JoJo use these antique brick pavers as a kitchen backsplash on Fixer Upper we both looked at each other and said, “That is sweet”. Brick pavers add character and totally fit in with a modern rustic kitchen. If you visit the Bolte’s when we build our mansion in 228 years, this is what you’ll be seeing on our walls. We’re hoping it’s a timeless look! fixerupper3



What’s your favorite kitchen backsplash from above?

All of the images were found doing “research” on Pinterest.

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