Happy April!

While it’s only 39° in Mankato today, the sun has been shining all day. We have our windows open and all the Vitamin D is making me feel like spring. This month I’m trying something new on the blog. Goal sharing. Goals are good, they’re fun, and sharing with you all will hopefully help keep me accountable.

1. One coffee date a week with a friend.

I love coffee and I love friends. Plus a good ol’ coffee date with a sweet friend can be oh so therapeutic. And yes I completed one this first “week”. That means I get five this month. Woohoo.

2. Five workouts a week.

This is always a weekly goal of mine, but I so often fill my nights with other activities (cough, Netflix, cough) or press the snooze button in the morning. Workouts are going on the blog for accountability purposes.

3. Daily devotions and nightly prayer time with Ryan. Every day.

This is a practice we were very diligent about our first few months of marriage and we’ve let it slip in the past couple of months. So it’s back on our priority list this month (and hopefully forever). In April, we’re making it happen.

4. Meet or stay below our monthly spending budget in all categories.

Ryan and I are working very hard to wipe out all our student loans as soon as possible, so we follow a pretty strict budget. March was fun and busy, we traveled a lot! We embraced extra dates and little splurges, but went over budget in quite a few categories.

5. Finish Season 2 of Fixer Upper.

This one’s 99 percent joke, but it just came on Netflix today and like I said its cold out there and maybe I’ll become an interior designer someday so this is practically studying for that, right? Thanks for letting this sneak in their as a goal so I can justify our Friday night binge-watching.


That’s all for now folks! Who else out there is excited about Fixer Upper? and what are your goals for this month?


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