Thursday Things 3.24

  1.  Good morning and happy almost Easter!
  2. Are you March Madnesss people? I’ve never been a huge fan, but my family cannot get enough. We spent the past week watching buzzer beaters and screwing up brackets. I’m sure this weekend’s festivities will be similar.
  3. We’re making this buffalo chicken dip this weekend. So everyone can enjoy this season of the sports year.
  4. Raise your hand (aka comment) if you still enjoy Easter Egg hunts!
  5. How to have conversations that lead to deeper relationships.
  6. Movies. I cannot sit through an entire one, like ever. Much less one that is over two hours long. However Everest hooked me and the 121 minutes flew by last fall when Ryan and I caught it in the theaters. I just rewatched it with my little sister last night. It’s suspenseful goodness, based on a true story,  and I’d recommend you’d pick it up from Redbox.
  7. When did Redbox movies become 1.60 a night?!
  8.  I’m celebrating this spring snow day today with BOGO Caribou Coffee’s. Boo ya.
  9. What’s your favorite Caribou drink to sip on?

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