1. You know how some people are not morning people? I’m a not an after nap person. Wake me up at 5 am and I can smile and hold a conversation. Post afternoon nap? I’m like a hungry caffeine craving bear.
  2. Not morning people, I now know how you feel. I dedicate this link to you.
  3. Spring breaks of the past are popping up on my Timehop this week, and I am hard core craving Colorado.
  4. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the centipede looking foam design I made at work? Latte art has improved big time people. You all better visit me at work to get some caffeine and let me share some love with you.
  5. In other news, I went to my mom’s yesterday and ate half a loaf of her chocolate chip banana bread in one sitting.
  6. FYI – Chocolate chip banana bread pairs excellently with coffee.
  7. What doesn’t pair well with coffee?
  8. We’re headed to Omaha this weekend, anyone have any fun must do’s while we’re there? Share with us por favor!



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