1. It’s March. What the what!
  2. I don’t know why I just wrote “what the what.” Let’s just chalk it up to the insane amount of caffeine in my system and keep writing/reading this post.
  3. Yup. You caught me. Due to procrastination or lack of sunlight, but mostly procrastination in taking a nice photo today is officially dubbed Throwback Thursday [Things].
  4. Photo featured is a little view from our back porch on our honeymoon. That’s the hubs drinking cherry chocolate wine. And that’s all the reminiscing I can handle this morning without hopping in my car and driving to the mountains.
  5. Have you all heard of Ben Rector? His music is my favorite, it sounds like a white winter morning and a sunny spring afternoon and pure happiness. Which is actually perfect for this week. See point seven down there. Also, Check. Him. Out.
  6. I attended my bestie’s baby shower last Saturday. Did you read about our shopping experience?
  7. Saturday we reached 60 degrees here in Mankato. Yesterday morning I woke up, saw it was sunny, and assumed it was warm out. When I walked outside it was 10 degrees. I repeat 10 degrees.  I need to get better about reading the forecast so I can plan my jackets/outfits/coffee temperature accordingly.
  8. Who wants to come over and drink this salted caramel hot chocolate and talk about life with me?
  9. That’s all for now folks. See ya next Thursday friends!

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