1. Guys, can you believe February is almost over? I know it’s a short month and all, but c’mon, where did this month go?
  2. What to do when you have the day off.
  3. Also Ryan and I were both home over the lunch hour so we made a baked spaghetti at 1 pm in the afternoon. #soblessed. But seriously, we’re embracing this crazy little life we have right now, because it will not be this way forever.
  4. Also featured in photo of lunch is a big ol’ pile of greens doused in apple cider vinegar. Which smells pretty nasty, but I cannot get enough of lately.
  5. Apparently my favorite salad dressing (aka caesar) has anchovy paste in it. Bleh. I’m still torn about how I will be handling this situation.
  6. Confession: I’ve kind of been on an ABC binge the past few days. Bachelor, How to Get Away with Murder, and I’m secretly crushing on The Family. So you all know what I’ll be tuning into on March 3rd.
  7. We purchased this pour over this week along with a super fancy heating kettle. We’re about to have the most delicious coffee of our lives right in our own kitchen. Stay tuned.

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