1. I am in love with my coffee corner in our apartment. Anyone else have one? It takes up some of our very limited shelf space in this apartment but it’s totally worth it.

2. Speaking of coffee (she says in every post), Ryan and I watched the documentary Caffeinated this weekend. We learned that in Ethiopia they eat popcorn with their morning coffee. How neat is that!? We’re considering adopting this practice.

3. I’m kind of sad that Valentine’s Day occurs in the middle of February, because now it’s over and where is the love?

4. More importantly: what’s supposed to distract us from winter for the rest of this cold month?

5. Just to clarify I’m still wearing pink and eating heart shaped cookies as I write this post.

6. I cannot get enough salt on my sweet lately. So yes we’ve made these cookies and I’ve found a new passion in  salting my bi-nightly spoonful of Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core.

7. Also salting already salty ice cream sounds really disgusting and like a set up for a case for high blood pressure, but I have no regrets.

8. I’ve been in the market for a good book this week. I could go lock myself in a Barnes and Noble for five hours or you could tell me your latest and greatest book finds. Comment below – one, two, three, go!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Things 2.21

  1. Hah, I love the part about what to do during the 30 seconds. My husband & I have recently started making pour over coffee & we are the exact same – he stands there & smells the brew & watches/I try to unload half the dishwasher 🙂 We’ve been using a Chemex but wish we had not gone down the paper filter route & need a new coffee grinder as well (but not the one for $100 that he is lusting after!).


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