the beauty of meal planning (part three)


Can anyone else have their afternoon coffee without noshing on one too many leftover Valentine’s Day cookies? No? Okay good, me either. Well this is it! I have the final post in our meal planning series for you right here. The little extra sugar pictured above is powering me through this post and then it’s off to the grocery store to shop and prep for the rest of the afternoon.

I mentioned last week that our meal planning and the joy I’ve found in the kitchen is super dependent on our ability to be flexible with the plan.So we were out of town this weekend and missed the chance to shop and prep. Monday’s are the new Sunday’s here at the Bolte house… for this week anyways.

You all must be dying to know what the Bolte’s our eating this week, or at least what we’re buying on sale this week.

So here’s what items are getting showcased on our meal plan this week:


  • Carrots – 89¢ a pound (Trader Joe’s)
  • Green peppers – 50¢ each (Aldi’s)
  • Spring mix and spinach – (Aldi’s)
  • Roma tomatoes – 99¢ for six  (Aldi’s)
  • Avocados – $1  (Cub Foods)
  • Half Gallon of milk – $1 (Cub Foods)

Side note – I think that milk is probably the item we’re most excited for this week. And by we, I mean Ryan. I would not put it past this man to drink this half gallon in a day, so typically I limit his milk consumption to only a couple glasses a day. Two dollars for a gallon thought is a mighty fine deal so we’ll both be sipping lattes, eating milky cereal, and having a glass with a night time cookie this week. Bring on that whole milk goodness.

In addition to gallons of milk, here is what we’ll be consuming this week:

  • The BEST Chicken Fajitas – We have chicken frozen from a sale last week and found a steal on green peppers and onions. How could we not have fajitas?
  • Crock Pot Carnitas – We just buy any type of pork that’s on sale for this. This recipe calls for pork shoulder, but we typically just buy whatever pork is on sale. It also calls for beer. If none is to be found in the house, we’ve subbed it out for water with success. We’ll serve it up with some tortillas for Ryan and over greens for me.
  • Mexican Salad – With avocado & leftovers from fajitas
  • Stuffed peppers – Mushrooms were also on sale at Aldi’s this week so we chop them up and put them in the quinoa recipe found over at Fit Food Finds. Then we stuff it in green peppers with a layer of black beans. My mouth is watering right now.
  • Pepperoni Pizza – We bought some pepperoni from Cosetta’s this weekend and have a bunch leftover. Last time we tried this recipe, subbing out the sugar and throwing in some Italian spices for a savory crust. We make the dough in our bread maker so it’s super duper easy. Yes, we know this recipe we shared is not for bread maker’s. Yes, it still turns out the same. We’re rebels in the kitchen, we know.

What are you making this week? Planning to steal any of our recipes? Stay tuned on intsagram or check back in on Thursday to find out how our week of cooking turned out. Happy Monday!



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