1. It has been SO COLD here in Mankato this week. Anyone else want to move to Arizona with me?
  2. We successfully hosted our first gathering here in our tiny charming apartment last Sunday for the Super Bowl. Good times. We’ve been cheating on our meal plan (and our diets) and eating leftovers all week. No one here is complaining though.
  3. I’ve been obsessing over coffee mugs the past few days. Probably because it’s so cold here. Hey Ryan, I’ll take this one and this one for Valentine’s Day please.
  4. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, anyone have any fun plans? We have an oil change and a haircut planned thus far. Super romantic, I know.
  5. Maybe you guys didn’t follow the link in numero tres to the mug that says “Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal”, but if you did you probably guessed right – we’ve been binge watching Fixer Upper every chance we get. You know when you hang out with friends so often that you pick up their catch phrases and mannerisms? Well we’re at that point. Also I want to shiplap our apartment walls and sit in a book nook with Ryan and drink coffee.
  6. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the joy we experienced on Saturday night. Five Ben and Jerry’s pints for $11.99. We couldn’t help ourselves.
  7. Yes, the Salted Caramel Core is delicious. Yes, you should go buy yourself a pint now.




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