1. These fajitas were featured at the Bolte household Wednesday night. Ryan ate onions (this never happens) and we have leftovers for dayzzzz.
  2. We finally got our lazy butts out of the house after 6 pm on a weeknight and adventured over to the YMCA for a night workout Monday. I count it as a victory for the week.
  3. I’m on a mission to perform some form of latte art at Tandem this week. I’ve been devoting all my free time to searching the internet for how-to videos. So far I’ve mastered the centipede pictured below. We have a long road ahead folks.    
  4. I stumbled upon this casserole and it is basically the child of every recipe that Ryan and I request for dinner. You all know what I added to the meal plan for this coming week.
  5. I have been having the most bizarre dreams which is making my inner psychology nerd ecstatic. Saturday night I had a dream that my family adopted my eighteen year old sister and I woke up crying because I was so happy to have a new little sister. Weird stuff. Love ya Kels.
  6. Morning Glory Muffins. Make them.
  7. I had the best devotion last night with my college friends. It was a small crew but we focused on how we are made to serve Christ and the beauty struggles bring to our life. You can check out our inspiration for this topic here.
  8. Do you have any go to recipes you find yourself making week in and out? Ours is chili. Stay tuned for a post on how we meal plan coming next week!

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