No place I’d rather be.

So the high for the day here in charming Mankato tomorrow  is -10°F. That’s right people, -10°F. As I write this we’re sitting at a balmy 0°. It only gets colder from here. And if that realization doesn’t make you want to stake out your house all day and sip hot cups of coffee while reading books by the fire (or next to the heater in our tiny fireplace-less apartment’s case), I’m not sure what ever will.

In honor of this bitterly cold temperature, I’ve decided to post about five places I would currently rather be than Minnesota right now.

1. St. Lucia

For those of you who don’t know, my older sister Kirsten is teaching in St. Lucia this year. We are currently saving our money with the intent of visiting her there before she leaves – if only I could buy my plane ticket today! Frequenting bars on the beach and babysitting turtles all while exploring a beautiful island is all a part of her daily life. To read more about her adventures hop on over to her blog.

2. Gold Coast, Australia 
Reasons to travel to Gold Coast Australia numero uno: it’s summer there right now. Two. It’s the perfect combination of exciting city life and nature. Three. Australia has this big healthy movement moving through it right now that I’ve been following all over social media and it makes me want to pack right up and move there to experience it myself. If I haven’t convinced you to join me yet, hop on over to this tourist site and check out their enticing photos of Mt. Tamborine. Paradise? I think yes.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Technically this is one of Ryan’s picks, but where the hubs goes, I go, so it made the list. Ryan traveled to Spain a few years ago with his college soccer team and loved every minute of it. He’s promised to take me back someday, so what better time than when escaping the Minnesota winter? If we were in Barcelona today we’d be exploring the streets, watching FC Barcelona, eating tapas at local eateries, and splurging on churros con chocolate. YUM.

4Santorini, Greece

Ever since I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in sixth grade I’ve had a little craving to travel to Greece. While technically January is one of the worsts times to visit Santorini, as their weather is occasionally rainy and only reaches an average of 55°. But hey that’s 65° warmer than here so I’ll take it and get a stellar deal on travel expenses. Plus how delicious does a glass of wine and nice dose of some Mediterranean grub sound to you right now?

5. Colorado Springs, Coloardo 

Ryan’s parents live in Colorado Springs and it was the first place we ever “vacationed” together. Ask anyone I know, ever since that first thirteen hour road trip and seven day stay three years ago I have been obsessed with the gorgeous state of Colorado. While the winters in Colorado can have weather that is equally as nasty as Minnesota’s, this week their weather will reach the fifties plus its nearly always sunny up in those gorgeous mountains. We’re not big skiers, but if we were in Colorado we’d for sure swing by a few of our favorite coffee shops (oh and eat those delicious pancake flights from Over Easy featured above), go for a long hike, and visit with the family.


Airfare for two is tough to squeeze in on our tight budget, and if I’m honest I would not want to explore any of these places without my favorite travel companion Mr. Bolte. So for now, Mankato and it’s -10° temperature will have to do. I’ll have no complaints about calling it a “cold day” and staying home in my pajamas with my best friend. Cue Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” and jam with us for the rest of the afternoon.


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