Hello Blogging World! Thanks for swinging by A Bolte Story. I’m Katelyn and that’s me with my handsome husband over there on the left. Together we are the Bolte’s, and we are so excited to share snippets of our life with you. As this is my first blog post ever I thought I would start off with some manners and give you all a proper cyber introduction. So who am I?

I am…

1. Mrs. Bolte 

but you can call me Katelyn, I’m Katelyn. Ryan and I were married this past summer (our love story is coming to a blog near you soon). Succeeding as a rookie wife is a daily battle, but we’ve got each other and a lot of love and at the end of the day that matters a lot more than if I burnt that night’s dinner or not.

2. a Spellbound Student

well kind of student, a student on a break. This past December I graduated from Bethany Lutheran College with a degree in Psychology. I completed my degree in three and half years and as I write this most of my classmates have been back to school to finish their final semester for approximately three days. Currently I am craving to be back in the classroom with them. Graduate school is in my near future, but for now I’m enjoying the time I have off to pursue other passions (like blogging, obviously).

3. a Coffee Addict

I have a confession for you in my very first post: I am addicted to coffee. I would say I’m addicted to caffeine, but my relationship with coffee is so much more than the little jolt I get from it each morning. I love its bitter taste, sipping it with a bit of cream, and the feeling of a warm cup inside my hand (especially in these cold Minnesota winters). It is so comforting. My love for coffee runs so deep that I began working at a bagel and coffee shop this past fall. Just so I could serve people little cups of caffeinated joy all day long.

4. a Child of God 

We believe that we are children of God, loved by our Creator. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and relevant in our lives today. We are created to serve Him. Our beliefs are not just part of a religion, but make up a way of life. It impacts how we view ourselves and the world, and stirs up in us a desire to serve others.


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